Behind the Brand

Skaidrite Dzene, the founder of the brand, is a Latvian, mother of 3, living and loving in Istanbul, has been thinking, studying and working in various areas of food and environment for the last decade. A degree in Food Science began her intense curiosity about the source of food, the path it's taken, and the post-production impact. What’s it leaving behind? In our bodies, on our skin, in the environment. The skin is the largest organ; what we feed it should be considered food. To nourish the body inside and out with healthy food is vital.

Julia Bayram, another Latvian mother in Turkey was an adventure junkie and CEO for an International Corporation, prior to her current incarnation as mother and wife. Her pregnancy brought her to a moment of clarity; organic is a must, not optional.

Together they are growing and strengthening the brand Anne Nature (literally translated as Mother Nature in Turkish). An ECOCERT-certified organic skincare line for the expecting mother and child.

With simplicity, sustainable consumption and a cross-culture values at its core, Anne Nature reconsiders what is necessary for skin care. A total of 6-products covering a wide range of needs, suitable for both men and women, all skin & hair type, and gentle enough for babies. A simpler life; a happier life.

Anne Nature sources certified organic products from both the North and South.

Wild Northern Organic plants concentrate their essence into a higher degree of potency combined with the best Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter and Aegean Oil.

Selecting the premium from both climates for a skincare line that nourishes the body and considers the environment, the best in beauty, health and wellbeing.

Anne Nature